When you visit ITV Player in the US it knows you’re in the United States and throws up a block message similar to the one below. A VPN allows you to get an IP Address from the United Kingdom and so fools the ITV Player website into thinking you’re actually in the UK, even though you’re not.

You can access ITV live and catch-up through the Sky Go/TV from Sky apps, but that would require you to be a paying Sky customer. In other news, The Last Of Us Part 2: Get muscles like Abby with The ITV Hub, your free viewing platform and TV player. It’s where you go for all things ITV. Exclusive content, full TV series, dramas, reality TV, sports and more. Don’t miss out! You can get caught up on the drama live or on demand. Get it and start watching all your fave TV shows now. ITV Hub brings you a world of entertainment. It’s your place to get exclusive video and catch up on all your favourite shows. From Corrie and Emmerdale to sport, Britain’s Got Talent to hard-hitting documentaries, compelling crime thrillers to the freshest comedy and reality shows - we’ve got it all! Nov 27, 2018 · It used to be called the ITV player, iTV Catchup until it finally came to the name of iTV Hub as it is called now. Using this service, you can watch iTV live stream for free, that is if you are a UK resident. To watch iTV player outside UK does take a little workaround and the use of a VPN to spoof the service into thinking you are in the UK. I am profoundly deaf and I need subtitles for viewing programmes. I have been trying to catchup on my ITV programmes using ITV/catchup service and although the information given tells me that various programmes have subtitles (s) but when I try to play them I do not get them, can anyone tell me how to get them.

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Jan 19, 2013 · i have just installed my you view box provided by talk talk. i have poor terrestrial reception here so i use freesat hence no aerial. i can get on demand bbc i player but not itv player or 4od. i am told i need an aerial for itv to establish location before itv player can be installed through my broadband router. is this correct. Jan 12, 2015 · I can't believe I can't get sub titles on ITV! I usually watch mostof the BBC dramas on catch up as I can have sub titles on and just assumed I'd be able to on ITV. (Which goes to show how much there is worth watching on ITV since I'veonly just found out - I was going to watch The Secret butI can't hear it The ITV Player is one of the most popular on demand players in the UK for catching up on TV that you missed either online via desktop or usually using the ITV Player mobile app when coming home

If you want to watch ITV Hub in Ireland, you merely need to make ITV think that you are in the UK. That’s all that you pretty much need to do, provided that you want to watch just on your laptop. We’ll get into watching on mobile devices at the end of this post.

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