Sep 23, 2015

Newsbin Pro Software | Usenet downloading tool | Message Two issues have been reported by Astraweb customers. If you are having problems downloading, click on the Logging tab and look for one of these issues: 1) If you are getting errors saying "unable to convert server name to internet address", you are using an old news server address. They have recently changed. [1.2.0] Incorrect SSL certificate warning Astraweb Jan 30, 2017 Astraweb - from NL servers - Blocked websites warning - AirVPN

Astraweb is a veteran and trusted Usenet operator which is both affordable and flexible. Plus you’re effectively getting two distinct services for the price of one here, which is definitely an • View topic - Unable to Convert Server Name

May 14, 2015

Same for me using I watched my connection slow to a crawl then stop. When I tried to connect to their website it took over 10 minutes even though all of our other connections to the net were fine. It's not Comcast DNS as I'm using AT&T. There were …