Dec 29, 2018

How to Do a Badminton Backhand Overhead Clear Shot - Howcast Nov 07, 2018 Badminton - Home of the Hornets Use the badminton drop shot to move your opponent to the frontcourt. It will create space in the midcourt and backcourt for you to exploit. n Wrist action is essential in providing the disguise and element of surprise. The optimum hitting zone is located somewhere above the central area of your racket. n You can play two types of Badminton Badminton Drop Shots -

The Badminton World Federation governs the sport of badminton and it is an international organization. International Olympic Committee also recognized it. In 1934 Canada, England, Denmark, Ireland, France, Netherlands, New Zealand, Scotland and Wales as member countries formed International Badminton Federation.

Park Joo-Bong: Kento Momota is more handsome than ever Tokyo: Japan’s badminton chief coach Park Joo-bong told the media that the long break for international badminton due to Covid-19 lockdown was actually a blessing in disguise for World No. 1 men’s singles player Kento Momota.

Ponnappa and Kidambi pull prank on students to promote

While you are trying to make your shots look the same, your opponent will be looking for subtle clues that reveal which shot you are about to play. You can exploit this by feeding him false information: you want him to believe he has spotted a flaw in your shot disguise, when actually this flaw is deliberate. When executing your badminton shots, always remember to disguise your play so as to keep your opponent guessing. Look like you're going to go for an attacking forehand clear when you're actually about to execute a drop shot and vice versa. Jul 08, 2020 · Badminton News: Carolina Marin sees the 2020 Tokyo Olympics postponement due to the Covid-19 pandemic as a blessing in disguise as it gives her more time to prepare f