B elow are given the tutorials link for Windows 8 users, which tells you step-by-step how to setup VPN on Windows 8 system, you may find the guide according to your system requirement. Things to Consider: Before you begin, please make sure that: You have a working internet connection; Windows Supported Device.

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How to set a VPN in Windows 8 open Start Screen and type vpn Then select Settings (Right side of screen) and click on result Set up a virtual private network (VPN) connection in the open window, enter VPN address (This is provided by the service provider that you have chosen for VPN) then name for the VPN connection and click on the button Create

Now that you have all that is required for setting up a VPN in Windows 8.1, you can follow the instructions below and have your own VPN connection in a matter of a couple of minutes. Go to the right side of your screen to get the side menu and then click on Settings -> Control Panel. Manual VPN Setup Tutorials. Our VPNUK Connection Assistant v15 is the easiest way to setup your VPN on Windows O/S. However, if you are unable to install our software for any reason or would prefer to setup your VPN manually please follow one of the following tutorials.Setting up a manual VPN connection using the Windows 10 VPN setup wizard is

In Windows 8 you can use the Get Connected Wizard to create a VPN profile. To launch the wizard, type vpn in search and then click Set up a virtual private network (VPN) connection. In the text box labelled “Internet address” type one of SaturnVPN servers address. the text box labelled Destination Name type “SaturnVPN” and click

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