Dec 25, 2017 · Surfing the web become super comfortable with this rooted android app. We have a huge list of best root apps for rooted android phone. And this is also one of them. The app is only for Android 4.4 and below. The latest version of FullScreen is not yet available for Android 5.0+ and 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, etc. Download App. Device Control

Apr 17, 2013 · The Best Apps and Mods for Rooted Android Devices. Enjoy your open-source operating system to the fullest. By What this does is allow you to use tablet versions of apps on your phone, which Oct 10, 2011 · ShootMe is easily one of the best screenshot tools for your Android device, allowing you to take screenshots by shaking your device, speaking loudly into the mic or by simply blocking the light sensor. Unfortunately, the app was recently taken off the Android Market by the developer due to reasons he probably knows best. Jan 08, 2018 · Top 11 Best Apps for Rooted Android Phones – 2018. Most of the people Root their Android device as it has lots of positive benefits. But, there are so many people that are not aware of the actual benefit of the rooting Android phone. May 05, 2020 · Since most Rooted Apps are not available on the Play Store, and we will later discuss all the applications in this guide. What is Root Apps. Root App are apps that work only on rooted Android devices. So, to run the Rooted apps on your Android device, first of all, you have to root your Android phone.

Top 15 Apps To Install After Rooting Your Android Device

Greenify is one of the best utility app for users of rooted Android devices. Honestly, this app is unrivaled for the functions it provides. Recently, a version of the app for non-root Android users has been released, but not with limitations that keeps reminding you of the reasons why you need the root version. Jan 06, 2020 · The 100 Best Android Apps for 2020. Not all of the Google Play store's 2.9 million apps are worth downloading. Our picks of the best Android apps in 14 categories deserve a place on your phone.

List of 12 Must Have Rooted Apps for Android Phone 2019

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