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Difference Between Client Server Application and Web May 15, 2011 What is Client-Server? - Simplicable For example, a web browser is a thin client for viewing websites that are delivered by servers.A thick client is a client that implements functionality. In some cases, a thick client does most of the heavy lifting and only connects to a server for information that requires a network. What is the Client-Server Model? - Definition from Techopedia

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Chapter 9: Service Enablement of Client/Server Applications. This chapter discusses Web service enablement of a client/server application using Oracle partner Rocket Software’s LegaSuite application modernization software. A step-by-step example walks you through the process of service-enabling a client/server application. Therefore, if you are interested in building a LOCAL COM server and client, this example might be helpful to you. Also, I assume you have the basic knowledge of COM: the architecture, the interfaces, COM run-time service functions, and the variety of tools that you can use to get the GUID and to inspect your components, so on and so forth. Many types of applications have been written using the client-server model. Standard networked functions such as E-mail exchange, web access and database access, are based on the client-server model. For example, a web browser is a client program at the user computer that may access information at any web server in the world.

An example of Client-Server Model– an ATM machine. A bank is the server for processing the application within the large customer databases and ATM machine is the client having a user interface with some simple application processing.

Chapter 6: Software UNIX/Linux and the Microsoft family of Windows Servers are examples of client/server network operating systems. Fig. 2. Client/server network Advantages of a client/server network: Centralized - Resources and data security are controlled through the server. Scalability - Any or all elements can be replaced individually as needs increase. Difference Between Client-Server and Peer-to-Peer Network Jan 09, 2017 CLIENT-SERVER | definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary