Android devices are known for their USB and Wi-Fi tethering abilities—rooted or unrooted—which comes in handy for those that travel and need internet on their laptops in areas that don't have any Wi-Fi networks available, but have a strong cellular signal.

Jan 29, 2017 · Hi, this video shows you how to use USB Tethering from your Android Mobile Cell Phone to enable you to share the phones internet connection on your laptop or PC. Many thanks Vince. Android-Wifi-Tether is simple enough for the beginner and feature-filled for the advanced user. It is particularly useful for users who do a lot of travelling in areas where Wi-Fi is limited. Best Wifi Hotspot & USB Tether Lite. Wifi Hotspot app is a small program with very useful functionality. It allows your smartphone to distribute 3G / 4G Internet to other devices. It will allow all the necessary devices to connect to the Internet without unnecessary fuss with the settings. Oct 23, 2016 · USB Tethering Pro is an easy and quick way to have internet access on your PC or laptop through your smartphone using its network connection. Connect the phone to your computer with the USB cable, start USB Tethering Pro and enable the tethering option in the app. The application is very simple and user-friendly. Mar 05, 2020 · Tetrd is a simple tool that allows you to share your internet connection from your device to your PC and vice versa through a USB cable. Tethering Tethering allows you to share your device's wifi or mobile internet connection with your PC.

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Connect the phone to a computer or laptop by using the USB cable. The best success with this … wi fi - Can I use my Android device as Wi-Fi Adapter for The office WiFi network on the other hand is happy and fast. But my desktop PC is wired only. If I can use my phone as a wifi dongle/modem/adaptor, and connect to the office wifi, then I'll get a much faster connection. All you have to do is connect the phone to wi-fi as usual and then connect the USB cable and do a USB tether. Some devices How To Tether Android VPN Connection To PC Using PdaNet+

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Android connected to the board by USB cable. Laptop connected to Android dev by wifi hotspot. From Android I able to ping a board throw USB tethering (and vise versa). Also from Android I able to ping a laptop throw wifi hotspot (vise versa). |Dev board| <--- usb tether ---> |Android| <--- wifi ---> |laptop| On Android device, I have usb0 and Cellular Phone/USB Modem as WAN connection - DD-WRT Wiki USB Phone Tethering [Attach an android-based phone via USB to a router] Already tethered your phone to your computer via USB (or wifi) and now you want to move up to having a full router? Here is a Step-by-Step, with a $19 phone, $25 - 40/m* unlimited plan and a $5 router [Your router costs may vary] Visible Reddit forum *click here Smart USB BT WiFi Tether: Appstore for Android Sep 14, 2012