Communication Administratively Prohibited 宛先ネットワークへの通信がACLで拒否されている 14 Host Precedence Violation ホストが送出したパケットにあるIP Precedence(ToS) の値が許可されていない(First Hop Routerがホストに通知することに なっている)RSVP等を

ShareTechnote 2015-10-13 · 13 = Communication Administratively Prohibited - generated if a router cannot forward a packet due to administrative filtering . This is the code value for an administrative denial, which indicates that a router is filtering a port and is not permitting traffic to pass. The packet is typically seen when traffic is refused to pass through a RFC 6145 - IP/ICMP Translation Algorithm 2020-4-19 · RFC 6145 IPv4/IPv6 Translation April 2011 1.Introduction and Motivation This document is a product of the 2008-2010 effort to define a replacement for NAT-PT [] (which was changed to Historic status when [] was published in 2007).It is directly derived from Erik Nordmark's "Stateless IP/ICMP Translation Algorithm (SIIT)" [], which provides stateless translation between IPv4 [] and IPv6 [], and [Router Products] Error message IP address unreachable in

The six port states recognized by Nmap. open An application is actively accepting TCP connections, UDP datagrams or SCTP associations on this port.

在做ACL时,要求对Ping进行控制,我有以下的问题 … 2020-5-29 命名访问控制列表详解 - 云计算 - 亿速云 2020-7-4 · 命名访问控制列表 本章目标:通过实验学会命名访问控制列表,添加访问控制,删除访问控制 实验图: 4台主机,一个二层交换机,一个三层交换机 sw1:划分VLAN,给VLAN配置接口,做trunk链路 sw2:划分vlan,通过接口给vlan配置虚拟地址,做trunk链路,做命名访问控制,关闭交换端口变成三层端口。


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