Dec 30, 2019

How To Delete All History on YouTube - Tech Junkie Nov 30, 2018 How-to Delete YouTube Watch History - YouTube Whatever you watch on youtube while login to youtube account gets stored on your youtube and google account. You can delete or erase youtube wat Skip navigation Can I see YouTube history even if I delete it? - Quora Mar 24, 2018 History - YouTube

Jun 01, 2020

To view or delete watch history: Tap your profile picture Settings. Select Privacy & location Manage watch history. To delete videos you’ve watched, tap More above the video, then tap DELETE.

3. Click the “Clear all watch history” option, which is located on the right side of the Youtube History screen. A pop-up window will appear on your screen, confirming your action to delete Youtube history on all devices. 4. To complete the deletion, just click the “Clear all watch history” option again. 5.

How to delete your watch history on YouTube | iMore Mar 26, 2018